Pain can be a very unpleasant thing if it’s not treated in a proper way and in time. Usually, the pain that lasts for several months is considered to be a chronic pain. Unfortunately, some types aren’t curable, but there are a lot of treatments which can help you. Your choice will depend on many factors, for example, how long do you have the pain, how severe is it, what is the cause and were you hurt. Over the years and with the progress of technology, the treatments have changed, and you now have many options.

RFA treatment

Radiofrequency Ablation or RFA treatment has a unique effect on the nerves that send pain signals to your brain. In this case, your doctor will use needles with a heated-up top. He will use a needle and placed it near the nerve. The heat will stop the nerve from sending back the pain to your brain. This treatment has proven to be helpful in many types of chronic illnesses.

The latest type of this treatment is called cooled RFA, and in some cases, it may give you a precise relief. Studies have shown that cooled RFA is more successful than previous treatment. In other words, it is more efficient. Radiofrequency Ablation can reduce and remove the pain up to 8 months, up to one year, after that, you can be treated again.

Pain shots

They can bring the drug directly where you need it. Some doctors use an X-ray to find the exact spot. Based on your previous medical history, your doctor will decide which medicine will be the option for you. What they do is to block the muscle, which lowers the pain and inflammation. There are several types of pain shots:

Nerve root blocks – they are used for nerves which are located along the spine. They are known to lead the pain in other parts of your body, such as arms and legs.

Epidural steroid injections – if you have disc problems they can be a good solution. Like any epidural injection, they are injected into your spine.

Trigger point injections – they show the best results on tight muscles. Sometimes certain parts of your body become so tight, which can lead you to have severe pain.  They might not be able to take away the pain completely, but the shots can decrease it up to 4 weeks. It all depends on a type of pain you are experiencing and on your medical history. If you are going through a severe pain, your doctor might suggest you install a pump pain. He will implant it hear your spine, and the pump has a purpose of releasing small dose of medication.


These are very powerful drugs for chronic pain. Their goal is to reduce and to block pain signals. One of the most famous is Fentanyl and Methadone. People have been using them for centuries, but some of the are discovered in the past few decades. We firmly suggest you use them as the last option.