When it comes to cleaning your carpet in Arizona there is no better business than the Carpet Cleaning in Queen Creek, Arizona. There are several ways you can approach the issue of carpet cleaning. It all depends on what kind of cleaning needs to be done but whatever the problem on the carpet may be, we have a solid resolution that will take care of your stains.

Let’s get down to the preparation.

– Vacuuming your carpet

At the beginning of every carpet cleaning job, you need to vacuum the carpet first. However, before you can vacuum the carpet you must prepare it for vacuuming. Remove all the toys and other items that can be picked up by hands, such as metal money, pencils, and other things. Don’t forget to check under other furniture. Next, if you are cleaning your whole house you might want to clean the dust off your standing items such as a night stand, and you can also dust off your blinds, as once the dust falls down you can vacuum it with the carpet. Now you start vacuuming, do it both horizontally and vertically so you get all the dust and hair inside the carpet vacuumed.

– Spot cleaning your carpet with rags

Once you have vacuumed its time to remove the little stains and spots that need additional attention. Use a white rag as other colored ones might leave some color on your carpet. Next, you will need to choose carefully the chemical that you need for that specific stain. Some can be cleaned as easy as with water and liquid soap, but some will need some heavy duty chemicals. Always read the description of the chemicals and what they are used for and never use more than intended or how it was intended. There are several ways you can apply it, either with a wet sponge or with a spray bottle, just make sure to wear PPE if you need any.

– Shampooing the carpets

The ultimate cleaning method of removing all kinds of dirt, grind, and stains from your carpet. If you can’t clean your carpet using the vacuum and the spot cleaning method, then its time to get serious. If you plan to clean your carpet using a shampooing machine than you have to remove all the furniture and allocate at least a day or two for the carpet to dry off. Rent or buy the shampoo machine, get the correct solution of the water and chemical into the machine and plan your exit route. Never start cleaning from the entrance to the room but from the furthest point of the entrance. Next, once you are done you will need an extractor to remove the excess water and maybe even a blow dryer for the carpet.

– Steam cleaning your carpets

WHen you want to disinfect and clean your carpet at the same time then its time to get some steam cleaning action. For this type of cleaning its best to call in the profesionals. However, if you want to clean it yourself, you first have to remove all the items from the carpet such as your furniture and prepare to get sweaty a lot. The carpet will have lots of dirt in it and you will need an extractor but once you start with the steam cleaning machine, make sure you move slowly and dedicate at least two surface pulls from up to down in the area you are cleaning.